Our Mission: to develop new tools to promote healing in people with MS.


Digital Medicine

We are committed to finding new ways of improving the lives of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) by using both new, as well as widely available, technologies:


MS affects three times more women than men. This raises a number of fascinating research questions about the role of genes, hormones, and life events on the onset and course of MS. It also raises important clinical questions about how best to provide whole-person care for women and men living with MS.

  • Focus on menopause: After leading some of the initial observational studies suggesting that MS worsening may accelerate with reproductive aging, we are now focused on improving the quality of life of women during the menopausal transition. Find out more here.
  • Initiative for gender-based care: Including childbearing, contraceptive use, menopause, as well as male health concerns. Find out more here.





Art Credit

Hippocampus watercolor: Beth Secor