Welcome!  Our Lab is focused on testing new strategies and targets to promote neurological recovery in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). To do this, we are using two different and complementary themes: emerging technologies and hormonal modulation. 

We use technologies to better recruit, evaluate, monitor, and treat people with MS. Some of these technologies include brain training videogames, VR, web-based patient engagement, real-time activity monitoring, and big data from the medical record. 

There are fascinating sex differences in risk for MS and its course, and we are  performing clinical trials and observational studies to uncover the effect of hormonal modulation on remyelination, relapses and quality of life in MS.

Trainees will have the opportunity to interact with a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, and to perform guided reading, analysis of a dataset of existing data (from clinical trials and cohorts, imaging and exciting digital/big data), and mentored manuscript preparation.



Please contact us regarding any questions about our research, positions in the lab, or donations: [email protected]